Thursday, December 31, 2015

Annual Year-End Art Clearance

Just some sketches and stuff to mark the year's end, although I'm finding that I did a lousy job of documenting some of the activities in which I took part this year. I need to work on that...

First, just a couple of sketches done at the DIA (where I began docent training this year). Savage beasts...

Next, some shots from the Monster Drawing Rally at MOCAD, where I finished four drawings in an hour. Only one was unsold when I left for the evening. (Thanks to Eric Iverson and Aubrie Glennon for the pics).

And here's the one good shot of anything I did at the draw-on-the-wall sketch event held at Hatch Art and sponsored by AIGA Detroit. (Many of the sketches were type-related, so...)

And finally, a quick scribble impression done at one of the many Nick Cave performances mounted around town all this year. It's actually pretty accurate.

I'd add images of the two pieces I have in the "Actual Size" show at the CAID, if I'd thought to photograph them before I submitted them. Oh well!

It was an art-filled year all around. Between a trip to Toronto, two to New York City, and so much happening around the area (Flint, Ann Arbor, Hamtramck, Detroit), I went to a dozens of exhibits, performances and lectures this year. Plus, besides studying to be a tour volunteer at the DIA, I'm back to organizing the art shows at Cafe 1923 for Hatch, and most importantly, I'm back in school at Wayne State working on a second bachelor's degree, this time in art history (and acing my classes so far, I might add...). I had a car in the Popps Packing Pinewood Derby, and I even managed to have a solo show of my own at the cafe (images to come). Whew!

The low point of the year, personally of course, but also artistically, was the loss of my father-in-law George Raptis. He was a well-known Greek Orthodox choral music composer and conductor, a mentor and inspiration to many musicians in his community, and a great guy. He's sorely missed.

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