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If Memory Serves

Recently on Facebook I asked folks to shout out some well-known paintings for me, so I could try to draw them from memory, just to see how close I could come. I got a lot of great suggestions, some world-famous, some locally-known Detroit Institute of Arts favorites.

Here's the first batch of drawings. Even where I was off-base, I'm glad to say I at least got some of the flavor of the pictures in there. (Ironically, the one I flopped so badly on that I didn't want to post it was Dali's "The Persistence of Memory"...) Links to the originals provided for comparison, and credit given to the DIA where appropriate, just to brag about my fave museum! More of these to come, I think...

"F-111" by James Rosenquist (I borrowed the Tide from another of his works!)
"Watson and the Shark" by John Singleton Copley (DIA)
"Self Portrait" by Otto Dix (DIA) (I've heard so many Spock comments about this painting that I think I might have Vulcaned …