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Dead heat

(Or: "The Physical Impossibility of Losing a Pinewood Derby in the Mind of Someone Yet To Race")

Tomorrow is the third Pinewood Derby car race and benefit auction at Popps Packing, the art laboratory and gallery space in Hamtramck, and this year I'm going full bad-boy with a vehicular tribute to the YBA-est of the YBAs, Damien Hirst!

Google Image search shows I'm not the first to come up with the pun "Damien Hearse" (a gag too perfectly appropriate to such a death-obsessed artist to pass up), but as far as I can tell I'm the only one silly enough to actually build the thing - certainly the only one to put a Big Daddy Roth-style shark behind the wheel. This marks the first time I've worked with Sculpey and casting resin, and my first plastic model mod, so I think it came out pretty well considering all the experimentation that happened.

The races and auction happen Saturday, July 11, from 4-11pm. See you there, race fans!


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