Tuesday, July 15, 2014

At the movies

death race_metrotimes_by sean bieri
"Death Race (2008)" vs. "Death Race 2000 (1975)"

When I was at Metro Times, I started up a practice of using drawings, rather than publicity photos, to illustrate the lead movie review. I drew a lot of them myself, and many were contributed by a few other illustrators. Bad movies were usually better subjects than good ones - I could poke fun at the dogs - but it was also cool to try to boil a great film down to its essence in a quick sketch. Some of mine weren't that great, but here are a few that I still like.

air guitar nation_metrotimes_by sean bieri
"Air Guitar Nation" (2006)

omen_metrotimes_by sean bieri
"The Omen" (2006)

high noon_metrotimes_by sean bieri
"High Noon" (1952)

kinsey_metrotimes_by sean bieri
"Kinsey" (2004)

rocky balboa_metrotimes_by sean bieri
"Rocky Balboa" (2006)

pandora's box_metrotimes_by sean bieri
"Pandora's Box" (1929)

dr. strangelove_metrotimes_by sean bieri
"Dr. Strangelove" (1964)


Ivey Chanter said...

Hey Sean,

I was digging through some old mini-comics I collected as a kid and started googling the creators. Can you guess what brought me here? That's right the Defenders of the Detroit Cass Corridor, Cool Jerk & HomoGal!

Just wanted to say I loved those books as a kid and your art has really progressed. You recent stuff looks amazing! Cheers


Sean Bieri said...

How cool! Glad you found the blog, Ivey, and that you still have fond memories of those old mini-comix. Detroit's changed so much since then, only the old timers call it the Cass Corridor anymore - it's "Midtown" now, and full of fancy boutiques and eateries. CJ&HG might not recognize it anymore!