Sunday, December 08, 2013

Monster Hits

Again this year, I participated in the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit's fundraiser, the "Monster Drawing Rally," in which dozens of local artists each draw for an hour in front of a crowd of visitors, with the resulting art being sold for $40 a pop to support the museum. Apparently this has become a widespread thing, with other museums and galleries around the country holding their own events. Anyway, it's a blast, and I managed to knock out three drawings in my hour this year, including, by request, the return of one of my old mini-comic characters - that bemused, button-down simian, Business Chimp.

puke, fighter plane, p-40, mocad, monster draw, sean bieri

business, chimp, contemporary art, mocad, detroit, sean bieri

angel, devil, mocad, detroit, bff, sean bieri

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