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Sporting 'Wood

Even a July hail storm couldn't stop the fine folks at Popps Packing here in Hamtramck from hosting yet another awesome day of Pinewood Derby racing last week! After procrastinating for way too long, I woke up at 3am a few days before the event with an idea for my car. I made a lot of plastic models as a kid - my dad even worked for a model company for a while, drawing instruction sheets - but I was never much good at it. So I created what's essentially a 3D "Wacky Pack" on wheels, and turned it into an outlet for some lightweight childhood angst. It was a little too accurate, maybe - some folks glanced over it without looking close enough to figure out it was fake and read the jokes! Anyway, it may not have been the coolest entry in the races, but it was definitely the wordiest. It's now in the collection of another local artist, with proceeds going to benefit Popps. Each panel of the box is shown below, along with a photo of the finished car (the wood block and wheels are hidden underneath).


Bram said…
No car photo?
Sean Bieri said…
The box *is* the car, Bram! The wheels and the pinewood block are built into the bottom.
Bram said…
Ah, wow. Now I see.

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