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Showing posts from May, 2013

Temba, his arms wide

Another drawing done for the cartoonists' minigroup I'm participating in, this time with a Star Trek theme. I'd recently seen an old fave Next Generation episode, "Darmok," and thought it'd be fun to depict the legends told in the story in pictograms. I'm sure I'm not the only person who read the Epic of Gilgamesh after seeing this episode.

Dr. Sketchy in May

Warm and breezy and nice enough to sketch outside tonight in the Scarab Club garden, though I had to cut it short due to some horrible hay fever (what's up with the crazy pollen count this year?). Modeling tonight: Zaniah Amirah from bellydance and burlesque troupe Detroit Shimmy. (That's a cutlass balanced on her head there...)

Dead man's party: The Infinite Corpse

The Infinite Corpse is a sprawling online jam comic featuring a raggedy-pantsed skeleton wandering through some trippy and random adventures, and it's truly awesome. A sample panel from mine is below, clear some time from your schedule and go see the rest. Artists are indexed if you're looking for anyone's work in particular, or you can just throw yourself into it at any point and explore!

And as long as I'm here, here's another collaborative thing I got in on, a James Bond-themed sketch challenge, which inspired me to draw my fave chase scene from my fave Roger Moore flick, "For Your Eyes Only."