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Love letters

I guess I never posted pictures of the Scrabble board I made for Sophia a couple of Christmases ago. The board is a collage of magazine clippings mounted on cardboard. The letters were hand-drawn in acrylic ink onto existing Scrabble tiles. (We don't keep score, so no numbers, but I did keep the color pattern of the board.) Note the Converse All-Star in the center square.

Still sketchin'...

...last Friday night, drawing in the galleries at the DIA (this is the bronze of Judith by Antonio del Pollaiolo), AND...

... at "Squat & Draw," a sketching event held at a house being rehabbed near the Detroit /Hamtramck border, with the art created being sold to raise funds for a NYC field trip for CCS students (photos by Ginni Reiter, top photo with artist and accordionist Sam Bates)...

...AND also at Specs Howard's Zombie Sketch Night, which I moderated. Video of the results to come soon.

Oh yeah, and I did another Optik ad, for the baseball Opening Day issue of Metro Times.