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Sketchbook Crazy

Not one but two sketch nights in a row this week. Wednesday was the premier of Go Figure! at Green Brain Comics, with comic book-ish poses on display...

...and then it was Dr. Sketchy at the Scarab Club on Thursday, featuring the return of the lovely and multi-talented Hayley Jane. I could almost have spent the night just drawing hand studies, since she makes such interesting, delicate gestures with them. 

This was on top of spending the last couple days drawing comics for a certain paying client... more on that soon.


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Another swipe at the administration via Photoshop collage. I admit this was inspired at first by Karen Pence's hairdo, but the rest fell into place, as things often do with parody pieces like this. It helps if you know the poster to the 1986 Jonathan Demme movie first, of course.

Some photos

All shot with my aging iPhone. The DSLR is not quite as handy.

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...on page 58, actually, of the August 29, 2016 issue of Time magazine. That's where there's a small photo of the Little Library I painted, the one in front of the Hatch Art gallery! So that's a first.