Friday, February 24, 2012

I remember when he japed

I've finally started up some sort of site, just a simple Tumblr page, where I can deposit and distribute my old mini-comics work (and possibly some new cartoons in the future). Take a look!


Corgi, Dr. of Ursinity, Prattling Pasha of Positivity said...

I love Jape. I always wondered why you didn't win more acclaim. My favorite Japes are "The Interview" and "Jesus is cool in any age." Hope to see new Japes in the future.

MrGreenGenes said...

I too love the 'Interview' cartoon strip you did in Jape#1 or #2 (if my faulty memory serves me well) where two guys are asking various interviewees to eat a bowl of poop! Hopefully you'll post that one soon.