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Drawing on the walls

My mom always told me not to when I was a kid, but this month The Detroit Artists Market invited me to draw cartoons on their walls to coincide with their annual design show. The theme this year was "occasional tables," with several local creators contributing some unique furniture, so I thought about famous tables in art history and came up with these cartoons. (There was a fashion and jewelry runway show at the opening too, and cocktails - which you can also see in the drawings). Feedback's been good, seems the drawings are a big hit! The show's up until February 18, 2012. Many thanks to the folks at DAM for giving me the opportunity. (More photos are on my Flickr site.)


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Pounce on this!

So glad to finally be able to share this illustration, the cover art for the upcoming book “The Deeds of Pounce” by my pal Benjamin Wachs — a tale of goblins adventuring through San Francisco! Pick up your copy via the publisher, Beating Windward Press.

Film history humor

Another swipe at the administration via Photoshop collage. I admit this was inspired at first by Karen Pence's hairdo, but the rest fell into place, as things often do with parody pieces like this. It helps if you know the poster to the 1986 Jonathan Demme movie first, of course.

Art history humor...

I channeled my inner John Heartfield, and hijacked Domenico Ghirlandaio's famous painting, to come up with this bit of obscure political commentary...

Speaking of art history, here's an illustration I did for the in-house volunteer docent scheduling web page at the Detroit Institute of Arts. When in Detroit, be sure to visit the Detroit Industry murals by Diego Rivera. If you're really lucky, I'll be there to tell you all about them!