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Drawing on the walls

My mom always told me not to when I was a kid, but this month The Detroit Artists Market invited me to draw cartoons on their walls to coincide with their annual design show. The theme this year was "occasional tables," with several local creators contributing some unique furniture, so I thought about famous tables in art history and came up with these cartoons. (There was a fashion and jewelry runway show at the opening too, and cocktails - which you can also see in the drawings). Feedback's been good, seems the drawings are a big hit! The show's up until February 18, 2012. Many thanks to the folks at DAM for giving me the opportunity. (More photos are on my Flickr site.)


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You gotta have he(art)

A very smart person at the DIA decided to hand out foam cut-out hearts to visitors for the Valentine's Day weekend, with the idea that you could lay the heart in front of your most beloved artwork. Well, I'm too much in love with too many items in the DIA's collection to choose just one, so I snapped some semi-selfies of me giving my heart to just a few of my favorites.

"For me?" (Karl Schmidt-Rotluff, "Evening By The Sea")
"What the Heckel I do if you won't be my Valentine?" (self portrait woodcut by Erich Heckel)
"I've lost my head over you, Valentine!" ("Judith and Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes," by Artemisia Gentileschi)
No jokes - I'm pretty sure I've touched the little sculpture "Donkey" by Renee Sintenis  every time I've visited the museum since I was in grade school. Love...
Heart Attack I (Central American warrior figure [need to find the info on this guy...])
Heart Attack II …

Somewhere in Time

...on page 58, actually, of the August 29, 2016 issue of Time magazine. That's where there's a small photo of the Little Library I painted, the one in front of the Hatch Art gallery! So that's a first.

Beside myself

Two recent selfies. I leave it to you to decide if I look like Bryan Cranston or Chuck Norris (as has been suggested...)