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All the rage

A little while back I decided to try my hand at this rage comics meme I'd heard about via the series of tubes. To kill two birds with one stone, I did a rage version of a comics exercise I'd been meaning to try for a long time, something suggested by cartoonist, educator, and old friend Matt Madden in his book "99 Ways To Tell A Story: Exercises In Style." Challenge accepted!

Drawing on the walls

My mom always told me not to when I was a kid, but this month The Detroit Artists Market invited me to draw cartoons on their walls to coincide with their annual design show. The theme this year was "occasional tables," with several local creators contributing some unique furniture, so I thought about famous tables in art history and came up with these cartoons. (There was a fashion and jewelry runway show at the opening too, and cocktails - which you can also see in the drawings). Feedback's been good, seems the drawings are a big hit! The show's up until February 18, 2012. Many thanks to the folks at DAM for giving me the opportunity. (More photos are on my Flickr site.)