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Mad Monster (Art) Party

Last Friday, Dec. 7, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit held a fundraiser called "Monster Drawing Rally" at which dozens of local artists  were divided into shifts and given one hour to create drawings while the passing visitors watched. The drawings were then sold for $40 to members of the "audience"/local art patrons, to raise funds for the museum's programs.

This is one of two drawings I did. This one was purchased, don't know what happened to the other one. The Angels Vs. Devils thing is a recurring theme for me, one I want to explore further in the future.

Sketchy October

A few failed attempts at doing justice to the vivacious and lovely Lushes LaMoan at Dr. Sketchy tonight...

Sacred and Profane

So the bad news is, my hours got cut at my day job recently. The good news is that almost immediately after I was swamped with a rush of paying freelance illustration projects, something I was hoping to do more of anyway! Here are a couple of recent jobs, both with religious (or pseudo-religious) themes.

First (above) is the cover for a satirical novel by my old pal Tom Lucas called "Leather to the Corinthians," which features, among much else, a post-apocalyptic battle between fast food mascot-inspired leaders. I'd explain, but I wouldn't do it justice, you'll just have to read it yourself when it comes out!

The other is a cover for an upcoming issue of Aaron Trudgeon's ongoing Gospel comic book series, illustrated by long-time self-published cartoonist Larry Blake. Aaron was nice enough to give me a lot of latitude on the art. I've always wanted to draw an Annunciation scene, and I'm pretty sure that's an accurate depiction of H-E-Double-Hockey…

Stay in school, kids

The latest Optik ad, with a rockin' back-to-school theme.

"I'm not all there myself"

A friend is helping  Alternatives For Girls produce a short theatrical version of "Alice in Wonderland," and asked if I'd help out with some backdrops. This is them. I came up with a simple way to make the cat appear, too: three cardboard screens, one with leaves, which slides out to reveal one with a smile added, which slides to reveal a third with the full cat. Know why Cheshire cats smile? Because Cheshire is a dairy producing district - lots of milk and cream to keep kitties happy!

UPDATE: Here's a photo of the Cheshire Cat on stage with Alice!

Found photos

Going through some old CD-Rs, I found these photos. Poplars in my backyard, and an airliner somewhere over Ohio, circa 2004. (The poplars have since died and been replaced by oaks.)

Dr. Sketchy June '12

A few sketches of Antha Ann, veteran Dr. Sketchy model and, apparently, Queen of the Squirrels...

"Secret Satan"

A few years back I participated, with several other artists, in a holiday gift exchange called "Secret Satan" - like "Secret Santa," but craftier, where everyone involved pulls a name out of a hat and makes an artsy gift for that person. I pulled the name of a photographer, which gave me the idea for this digital-age take on the "cameras steal your soul" trope.

Royal Treatment

Here's my latest ad for Optik in Birmingham, MI.  Besides selling a range of eyeglasses and shades that are cooler than I'll ever be, Dr. Joe does good works, most recently volunteering to perform cataract surgeries in Kenya.

Whaling in Hamtramck

Some sketches of the noise/post-rock/something band Mother Whale, who preformed an awesome short set to close the Hatchback 6 juried exhibit in the newly completed gallery at the Hatch building.

Hatch now has a Kickstarter going to raise money for a new furnace. Once that's in place, we'll be able to raise our own funds by renting out studios to artists. If you can, throw a few bucks our way - every little bit helps! (Plus, for a $100 pledge, I'll do a zombie caricature of you or a friend.)

Love letters

I guess I never posted pictures of the Scrabble board I made for Sophia a couple of Christmases ago. The board is a collage of magazine clippings mounted on cardboard. The letters were hand-drawn in acrylic ink onto existing Scrabble tiles. (We don't keep score, so no numbers, but I did keep the color pattern of the board.) Note the Converse All-Star in the center square.

Still sketchin'...

...last Friday night, drawing in the galleries at the DIA (this is the bronze of Judith by Antonio del Pollaiolo), AND...

... at "Squat & Draw," a sketching event held at a house being rehabbed near the Detroit /Hamtramck border, with the art created being sold to raise funds for a NYC field trip for CCS students (photos by Ginni Reiter, top photo with artist and accordionist Sam Bates)...

...AND also at Specs Howard's Zombie Sketch Night, which I moderated. Video of the results to come soon.

Oh yeah, and I did another Optik ad, for the baseball Opening Day issue of Metro Times.

Sketchbook Crazy

Not one but two sketch nights in a row this week. Wednesday was the premier of Go Figure! at Green Brain Comics, with comic book-ish poses on display...

...and then it was Dr. Sketchy at the Scarab Club on Thursday, featuring the return of the lovely and multi-talented Hayley Jane. I could almost have spent the night just drawing hand studies, since she makes such interesting, delicate gestures with them. 

This was on top of spending the last couple days drawing comics for a certain paying client... more on that soon.