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Return of the Living Dead Intellectuals, Parts I, II & III

Seems everyone loves an intellectual zombie! Lately my cartoon has been cropping up all over, for better or worse. First a co-worker pointed out that it's being swapped around several blogs (and horror fan sites, too). Then it showed up on the online version of the Yale University campus humor magazine, The Yale Record!

A couple days later, I got an email from musician Gorgorgathgorgorgor saying he'd used it as the thumbnail art for his zombiriffic electronic tune "Do The Shamble".

All cool and flattering and well and good - I'm truly glad so many folks get a laugh out of it! BUT...

...then the cartoon, or a lo-res fragment of it, was stolen and included, along with other swiped photos and art, in a collage created by the Loudon County, Virginia branch of the Republican party and sent out with an email to their supporters on Halloween. One of the images was a zombified version of the Shepard Fairey Obama poster, complete with bullet hole in the forehead. The perpetrators had their wrists dutifully slapped by GOP higher-ups, but only after the horse was out of the barn, of course.

So: The GOP used my work without my permission or that of my publisher, and without giving credit or providing links; reproduced it in a mutilated, lo-res state (minus the punchline, even!); and utilized it in support of a party I strongly oppose on virtually every front. I dunno, I guess I expect better from people who claim to be so concerned about private property rights. Mmmmmmactually, no I don't, not at all. F-in' scumbags.


Zombie Leah said…
Hi there! I just wanted to you know I LOVE that comic, and that it's one of my favorite zombie comics.

I'm doing a bunch of zombie related blog posts this month for NaBloPoMo, and I wanted to let you know that I'll be featuring it today - with a link to your site and of course!

Thanks for creating all those hilarious zombie funnies. :)
Sean Bieri said…
Dear reader, if you love zombies and crafty stuff, be sure to visit Zombie Leah's blog, Zombies Wearing Helmets.
Unknown said…
Hi Sean,

Sorry to hear that your cartoon was used for political purposes without your permission (!) I was wondering if you're making the cartoon available as a poster sometime soon? I would like to buy one.

Cheers, Elim (from Canada)

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