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Rrrace fansss!!

Don't miss the Popps Packing Pinewood Derby, an auction and race of dozens of handmade toy cars created by local artists. Auction proceeds go towards creating a sculpture park on the border of Detroit and Hamtramck! Here's a look at my entry in the wacky races.

Dr. Sketchy Rides Again!

Sketchy started with an '80s aerobics theme last week, but these are from the cowboys-'n'-indians look that came up later in the night.

Happy 5th Birthday Detroit Sketchy!

Forgot to post these, from last month's fifth birthday celebration of Dr. Sketchy in Detroit. Had a whole troupe of wacky burlesque beauties to work from, plus a fire-twirler performing afterwards and cupcakes! Next session is this Thursday.

Movies in context

On the Facebook page for The Criterion Collection they're having a contest: Photograph one of their DVD covers "in context" - illustrating a scene from or the theme of the film somehow - and maybe win a prize pack of new releases. Here are my two entries, which I spent most of a Saturday putting together, for Orson Welles's documentary on art forgery "F for Fake" and Clouzot's nail-biter "The Wages of Fear."

UPDATE: My "F for Fake" entry came in second in the voting! (I lost to a "Videodrome" image.) My "Wages of Fear" image was among the top ten finalists too, for a few minutes anyway, but then it was removed, most likely because the judges didn't want two entries from one person in the final 10 (that's my hopeful theory anyway, and I'm sticking to it!). Anyway, I consider that a bonus victory, and I got lots of kind words from the Criterion fans, plus a free DVD as a prize.

So now that I've got …

Ain't no Thing

Here's my page for the upcoming exhibit at Green Brain Comics, a recreation of the first issue of Fantastic Four with each page redrawn by a different artist. Check out the exhibit when it opens September 21.