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Rock 'n' roll never forgets

These are some photo-collages I did for the Specs Howard marketing department's Street Team video-makin' crew.

They were used in a faux documentary interview with WRIF DJ Anne Carlini, casting her as a sort of rock 'n' roll Zelig who's hung out with rock's giants - and dispensed some horrible advice to them along the way. You can see the full video here.

These are cobbled together from posed photos of Carlini and dozens of stock photos. I cropped the heads off the celebs so we wouldn't need to pay for their photos, but actually I think it's funnier this way.

April sketches

Two from the mini-Dr Sketchy session, featuring Delilah Debauch of Hell's Belles, held at the opening of the Hatchback 5 art opening at Cafe 1923...

...and one from afterwards, hanging out at the Atlas Bar with some Hatch members. (Wish I drew in this style more often!)