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Just ghost to show...

Another Optik ad, this one for the Metro Times' Xmas gift guide. My Scrooge looks just a bit Patrick Stewart-ish, probably since that's the version of the story we listen to every year.

Return of the Living Dead Intellectuals, Parts I, II & III

Seems everyone loves an intellectual zombie! Lately my cartoon has been cropping up all over, for better or worse. First a co-worker pointed out that it's being swapped around several blogs (and horror fan sites, too). Then it showed up on the online version of the Yale University campus humor magazine, The Yale Record!

A couple days later, I got an email from musician Gorgorgathgorgorgor saying he'd used it as the thumbnail art for his zombiriffic electronic tune "Do The Shamble".

All cool and flattering and well and good - I'm truly glad so many folks get a laugh out of it! BUT...

...then the cartoon, or a lo-res fragment of it, was stolen and included, along with other swiped photos and art, in a collage created by the Loudon County, Virginia branch of the Republican party and sent out with an email to their supporters on Halloween. One of the images was a zombified version of the Shepard Fairey Obama poster, complete with bullet hole in the forehead. The per…

Mask of the Dead

Why dress up like a character from a movie when you can wear the whole movie right on your face? Here's the "zombie attack"mask I made to be auctioned off at the upcoming Hatchoween fundraiser.


Here's the poster I came up with for Hatch's autumn fundraiser. Any money we make goes towards getting heat in the old police station we're renovating, so we can get our studios rented out and start bringing in some revenue on our own.

Rrrace fansss!!

Don't miss the Popps Packing Pinewood Derby, an auction and race of dozens of handmade toy cars created by local artists. Auction proceeds go towards creating a sculpture park on the border of Detroit and Hamtramck! Here's a look at my entry in the wacky races.

Dr. Sketchy Rides Again!

Sketchy started with an '80s aerobics theme last week, but these are from the cowboys-'n'-indians look that came up later in the night.

Happy 5th Birthday Detroit Sketchy!

Forgot to post these, from last month's fifth birthday celebration of Dr. Sketchy in Detroit. Had a whole troupe of wacky burlesque beauties to work from, plus a fire-twirler performing afterwards and cupcakes! Next session is this Thursday.

Movies in context

On the Facebook page for The Criterion Collection they're having a contest: Photograph one of their DVD covers "in context" - illustrating a scene from or the theme of the film somehow - and maybe win a prize pack of new releases. Here are my two entries, which I spent most of a Saturday putting together, for Orson Welles's documentary on art forgery "F for Fake" and Clouzot's nail-biter "The Wages of Fear."

UPDATE: My "F for Fake" entry came in second in the voting! (I lost to a "Videodrome" image.) My "Wages of Fear" image was among the top ten finalists too, for a few minutes anyway, but then it was removed, most likely because the judges didn't want two entries from one person in the final 10 (that's my hopeful theory anyway, and I'm sticking to it!). Anyway, I consider that a bonus victory, and I got lots of kind words from the Criterion fans, plus a free DVD as a prize.

So now that I've got …

Ain't no Thing

Here's my page for the upcoming exhibit at Green Brain Comics, a recreation of the first issue of Fantastic Four with each page redrawn by a different artist. Check out the exhibit when it opens September 21.

Crush with eyeglasses

Here's the latest ad for Optik, featuring a college-dazed bizarre love triangle, appearing in the College Guide issue of the Detroit Metro Times.

Bass Man

Doodled in the dark at a performance at the Berkley Front pub, Berkley MI.

Dr. Sketchy June/July

June: Does the Scarab Club have bugs other than scarabs?

July: Jessica Rabbit returns. Fill up that tip hat, folks!

Happy Daze at Dr. Sketchy

Some drawings of model Renee Daze from last week's session at the Scarab Club.

Pro-Spec-tive students

Here's some happy-lookin' characters I drew up to help promote the "Media Mayhem" workshop series at Specs Howard school. They may turn up in an upcoming project here as well...

Rock 'n' roll never forgets

These are some photo-collages I did for the Specs Howard marketing department's Street Team video-makin' crew.

They were used in a faux documentary interview with WRIF DJ Anne Carlini, casting her as a sort of rock 'n' roll Zelig who's hung out with rock's giants - and dispensed some horrible advice to them along the way. You can see the full video here.

These are cobbled together from posed photos of Carlini and dozens of stock photos. I cropped the heads off the celebs so we wouldn't need to pay for their photos, but actually I think it's funnier this way.

April sketches

Two from the mini-Dr Sketchy session, featuring Delilah Debauch of Hell's Belles, held at the opening of the Hatchback 5 art opening at Cafe 1923...

...and one from afterwards, hanging out at the Atlas Bar with some Hatch members. (Wish I drew in this style more often!)

One for the art majors

I sketched this a dozen times on various scraps of paper before finally sitting down, finding a reference and finishing it. This watercolor version was made for the 2011 Actual Size show now on display at the Whitdel Arts gallery in Detroit.

(Sc)avengers assemble!

Some digital collages I did for a sketchbook project (that I might actually finish someday soon...)