Wednesday, September 15, 2010

They won't stay dead!

Another year, another batch of zombie cartoons from Yours Truly over at, a new one each weekday as part of their Zombie Week extravaganza! Check out all the stories, essays, comics and other undead-related fun, including some thoughtful comments on the nature of zombies from me and other authors in the Zombie Survey. (As you can see in the cartoon above, folks take these matters very seriously...)


Robbie said...

Interesting fact: I saw this little cartoon a few years ago somehow. Loved it. Remembered it. Then I went and enrolled myself in a post-grad education degree, and ended up submitting an assignment that referenced this image, so had to go and find out who drew it. Turns out it was you, Sean! So... a) thanks for that, it made my boring essay look way better, and b) you've been referenced in at least one non-published academic article. Congrats!

Sean Bieri said...

Thanks Robbie! You're not the only one who's used the "intellectual zombies" cartoon in an academic capacity, believe it or not, but I'm always happy to hear about it. Y'know, my artworks are like my children — and now at least one of them has gone to college!