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MODOKs, mo' problems

Here are my entries into the MODOK show that graced the walls of Green Brain Comics the past several weeks. These are some of AIM's less successful attempts at making a mental organism designed only for killing. They got the "mental" part right, anyway.

Happy Holidays 2010

Flaked tragically on the snail mail thing this year, but here's our holiday card. (This one's dedicated to Fang, our late great mighty hunter and member of our feral porch colony.) Peace, everyone.

Back pocket sketchbook

A few keepers from the auxiliary brain I keep near my hindquarters - like a stegosaurus!

Music man

A cover illustration for Metro Times, depicting a sort of archetypical forgotten musician. Unusual for me to work strictly in Illustrator like that. I did the first sketch for this in the steam on the glass door of my shower - a literal thumbnail sketch!

Close enough for rock & roll

My attempt at caricaturing the Rolling Stones, for a recent Optik ad.

More Friday night DIA sketching

In the Asian galleries last night. (Wish I had a bigger scanner at home so I wouldn't have to stitch these together to post them!)

(Edit: adding a sketch from last year of one of my fave pieces at the DIA, Barlach's "Avenger.")

They won't stay dead!

Another year, another batch of zombie cartoons from Yours Truly over at, a new one each weekday as part of their Zombie Week extravaganza! Check out all the stories, essays, comics and other undead-related fun, including some thoughtful comments on the nature of zombies from me and other authors in the Zombie Survey. (As you can see in the cartoon above, folks take these matters very seriously...)

Masters — of Eyewear!

My latest illustration for Optik Birmingham, to run in the Metro Times's Fall Arts issue.

Stage dive!

Found this oldie while cleaning up a hard drive; a Metro Times promotional illustration from 2000 some time.

Lone Shark Rides Again!

Me on the set of the "Cynicalman" movie, with the Sharkmobile, ready to mix it up with Dr. Pweent's zombie army. Photos by Jim Mackey.

Go easy, it's my first ray gun

Behold(!) the Brainiator weapon, built by me mostly from (can you tell?) used office supplies, dryer hose and duct tape. Created for Matt Feazell's upcoming "Cynicalman" movie.

Cemetery Sketches

Drawn at Elmwood Cemetery as part of Hatch's June sketch outing.

Once and future

This cover art from the 25th anniversary of Metro Times was one of the "slides" I showed at the Specs Howard Sketch Night, as an illustration of character design. MT is coming up on 30 years old now.


A sketch of "Red Hot" Annie Weinert from a recent Dr. Sketchy session where I first used my slightly-outmoded-but-still-cool tablet PC.

Buffalo stance

Another good place to draw: The Detroit Zoo (Home, BTW, of the fountain seen in the snow globe in Coraline.)

Cool cat

Stone cold, actually - it's a marble sculpture in the Greek section of the Detroit Institute of Arts. Been trying to head over there more often on Fridays when they're open late and draw in the galleries.

Just Like Heaven

This watercolor cartoon was made for an exhibit at the great Cass Cafe in Detroit with the theme of "targets." So far I haven't heard The Cure's Just Like Heaven used to sell anything to me and my fellow aging Gen X-ers, but who knows — there'll be plenty of adjustable mattresses and incontinence briefs to fob off on us in the coming years.

Where's your head at?

These are at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, drawn while Soph and I visited there in '09. There's half a wall of labeled and sorted skulls there, along with rooms full of other medical novelties. Great place for sketching!

San Diego Zombie Con

Tor hired me again last year to do some zombie cartoons to promote their presence at the San Diego Comic Con. (Tor's presence I mean, not the undead's. Although...) The cartoons were posted one-at-a-time online and also put together as a flyer to hand out at Tor's table. Read them all here. Zombies and comic con — double-plus geek!

And because who can get enough, here's a shot of a few of the hundreds of "Smokin' Zombies" matchbooks I've hand-drawn and sold over the last couple years at art fairs and whatnot.

One more time...

Gonna try this blog thing again, strictly as a place to post art samples (and encourage myself to draw more...) To start, here's the re-working of the cover of R. Crumb's fantastic Genesis adaptation, in the manner of his earlier work, for an exhibit of re-imagined comics covers hosted by Green Brain Comics earlier this year. It's now in the private collection of a local Crumb fan.