Friday, September 26, 2008

Better Zombies Through Physics!

It's ALIVE! Better Zombies Through Physics, the new web comic mini-series by me and writer Jim "Two-Fisted Science" Ottaviani is now online.

Cats! Zombies! SCIENCE! Through the miracle of quantum mechanics, a brilliant physicist bearing a strange resemblance to Erwin Schrödinger has produced the perfect undead feline - or has he? Go now to see the first installment this week at


Lynd said...

Any chance of a patch or a jacket or a shirt or a pin with the logo of comic company on it?


Tom said...

Hi Sean,

I have a great thought partner for you, if you are interested, on this Better Zombies strip. Dr. John Kim is a retired physician, with doctorates in physics and medicine. He has an animation theme that is partially developed that uses cartoon characters to explain science to children. He is brillian and creative. I think the two of you would have some fun conversation and maybe you could pick up some ideas for your strip.

So, what do you say, coffee in GPP?



Sean Bieri said...

Sounds interesting, Tom, email me and we'll work out the details;