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Lookit me, I'm a real arteest!

Somehow I find myself involved in not one but two real-life gallery shows right now. (This is unusual for me, most of what I do is for reproduction rather than wall-hanging.)

First is the Actual Size show, at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, a show in which all pieces must be the same size - 8 1/2 x 11". I entered a modified version of my Morton's Girl/Judith image under the title "She Reigns (Judith)" that seems to be getting good reactions from gallery visitors.

The other exhibit is actually a benefit auction for the exhibition program at Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester, Michigan. All the participants were given blank CDs and jewel cases to do with as they pleased. Some went as far as dismantling them completely into abstract sculptures, but I decided to keep mine functional. The idea is to make a mix disc of "guilty pleasures" - your most embarrassing favorite songs - and share the disc with a friend. I put together a sort of homemade "eco-pack" to hold the disc. That's the cover image up top there.


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