Saturday, June 16, 2007

My time of the month

Hm, yeah, time for my monthly blog post, huzzah.

So here's some stuff I've been doing for the Metro Times lately. First, for the Summer Guide issue, the editorial staff all went on short trips within about a two-hour drive of Detroit and wrote about what they found. I did a full-page comic strip about the town of Petrolia, Ontario, site of North America's first oil well. Sample panel above, and you can find the full strip here. (Edited with new link, since the MT one seems to be broken...)

That same issue I did an illustration for an article about how the Sgt. Pepper's album wasn't as innovative as you think. I punted on the likenesses, but you get the idea. I'm particularly proud of Paul's skull-n-crossbones boxer shorts.

What else? Lots to see on the Dr. Sketchy blog, since the last session was a big hit. Also I finally got to do the last panel of "Good Ol' Conan the Barbarian" in living color over on (if you've seen the strip before you'll know why that's a big deal!).

Speaking of Serializer, last week I met up with the cartoonist who got me on the site, Eric Millikin, and fellow Serializer member Matt Feazell, at Green Brain Comics to see Mikhaela Reid and Masheka Wood do slide presentations about their comics. Detroit was the first stop on their book tour - they each have a collection of their stuff out now. Mikhaela's the editorial page cartoonist for Metro Times, so the D was an obvious place to start her tour. I wrote about her work and did a brief Q&A that you can read here. More gooder photos and some cartoons of Mikhaela's on her Flicker pages.

Here's some more recent MT articles of mine:

A review of Fantagraphics' bestiary "Beasts!"

A rant of sorts about a package of stationary decorated by Detroit pop artist Glenn Barr.

A rumination on David Lynch's recent book.

See you next month?

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Petrolia ON... Reader's Digest of all things currently has an article about Utica NY with all the familiar tag lines. You can just about cut out "Utica" and put in "Hamtramck" (or "Detroit") anywhere in the thing.