Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh, hey, hi!!

Hi, hey, yeah, so... how the hell are ya?

Oh, you know, I'm okay. Geez, what've I been up to, let's see. Went to Greece? Greece was fun. Lots of cats there. I should put some photos online for y'all probably.

Went to Portland? Very cool, saw a bunch of people, did some stuff, y'know. (In fact, here's photographic proof that I not only attended the Stumptown comics fest but fashioned a hideous jackrabbit-o-lantern while in Portland as well...) More on that soon too, maybe.

Um, oh - ! They're running my "Jape" comics on Serializer! Yeah, I know, but they're back up now and it looks great, you should check it out.

What else... Well, as you can see, I got to draw Satan for the cover of Metro Times last week, just in time for Halloween.

Whew, there, a post! Good!


Kevin Moore said...

It was good meeting you at Stumptown. I wish I had had more time to hang out, but kids, school, etc. kept me preoccupied. Hope to see you next year.

Sean Bieri said...

You bet, Kevin. I'd love to come out again, for the show as well as to visit folks and explore Portland a little more. Gotta admit, it's hard to come back to Detroit after that. (Although we do have a new coffee house here now that's as good as anything I found out there.)