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Showing posts from November, 2006

Oh, hey, hi!!

Hi, hey, yeah, so... how the hell are ya?

Oh, you know, I'm okay. Geez, what've I been up to, let's see. Went to Greece? Greece was fun. Lots of cats there. I should put some photos online for y'all probably.

Went to Portland? Very cool, saw a bunch of people, did some stuff, y'know. (In fact, here's photographic proof that I not only attended the Stumptown comics fest but fashioned a hideous jackrabbit-o-lantern while in Portland as well...) More on that soon too, maybe.

Um, oh - ! They're running my "Jape" comics on Serializer! Yeah, I know, but they're back up now and it looks great, you should check it out.

What else... Well, as you can see, I got to draw Satan for the cover of Metro Times last week, just in time for Halloween.

Whew, there, a post! Good!