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I've been helping lately, along with other local artists, to start a nascent arts collective here in Hamtramck called Hatch. We plan on sponsoring arts-related events and exhibits, educational projects for the community, and studio and communal space for local artists.

Last Thursday we held our first event, the launch of a series of "life drawing with a twist" sessions inspired by Molly Crabapple's Dr. Sketchy project in New York. This was the design for the postcard I handed out at the event. Check out the results of the first Dr. Sketchy: Motor City Division session - we had a really great time!

A few thoughts...

Yeah yeah, I know, "it's the web, add some color! It's free!" I like black-n-white, okay?

Possum Dearie

Okay, enough people have chuckled at this in my sketchbook that I decided to post it. I spotted this teeny-tiny possum, small enough to fit in your palm, at the arts festival at Wayne State University last month. He was happily chomping up something in the grass (bugs?) before he spotted me and waddled away into the bushes. (There! A post!)