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Hell is other papal

Okay, that's a lousy pun. It's just I found this jpeg I put together during the changing of the popes a while ago and thought I'd post it here. Well, I thought it was funny.

(And yeah, I know the sidebar is goofed up and the links are gone... not sure what happened, I'll fix it later. Bleah.)

Insert trite comics pun headline here

I'm finally getting back into writing about comics for the free paper I work for. Not sure why the article is in the summer guide - none of these seem like lite beach reading, but then I don't go to the beach too much so how would I know?

Apologies for the dumb headline, I didn't write it. I guess comics writing is still novel enough (or graphic novel enough, ah ha ha ha...) to call for silly punny headlines. Imagine if every article on the symphony had a headline like "Maestro orchestrates a classic," or every emotionally evocative film ever made was described as a "moving picture" (hyuk!).

Art above is from 676 Apparitions of Killoffer. I've already read one review of this book that had a very different take on it than I have. What do you think?