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Cartoonists + booze = monkeys

Whenever you get three or more small-press cartoonists in a room together for very long, a comics jam is likely to break out. Alcohol makes this even more likely, and when said cartoonists haven't seen each other in months and are all suffering from Chinese buffet food buzzes and the post-convention slap-happies, it's almost inevitable. Following the Motor City Comic Con on Saturday, a bunch of us gathered in Pam Bliss' hotel room with a few bottles of wine and discussed... oh, hell, I forget. Anyway, some of the wine bottles had, oddly, pictures of monkeys playing jazz instruments on them. This one had no monkeys, so naturally we had to remedy the situation. I think I have the contributors sorted out: clockwise from top left are Jim Ottaviani, Pam Bliss, Matt Feazell, Jane Irwin, Paul Sizer, Yers Trooly, Michelangelo Cicerone and Suzanne Baumann (center). (Looking at it, I might have Jane and Michelangelo switched. Anyone who was there know if that's so?)

In other jam comics news, Stan Yan has posted the results of several jams done as part of this year's SPACE convention. I've said before that reading last night's jam comics is like listening to a recording of a drum circle, but these are still pretty funny even a week later.


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