Friday, April 07, 2006

Vee Dubya

This pristine turquoise Beetle sat on the side of a busy street here in town for months before some lucky guy bought it. I kept expecting to walk by one morning and find it sideswiped or rear-ended. I can't afford to buy a car that would amount to an expensive new hobby - I'm strictly a "reliable beater" owner, unfortunately - but I can lust after them and tuck them away in my sketchbook.

I've noticed that surprisingly few comics artists are any good at drawing cars. Seems like most of the car drawings I see in comics tend to range from merely serviceable to downright awkward. They're such familiar machines, you'd think they'd be easier to draw but I think maybe the familiarity somehow actually makes them harder to get right. I think you have to approach drawing a car the way you would a human body - they need to look alive somehow. (Someday I'll put together a coherent rap on this and write a proper essay, maybe.) And as distinctive as these old VWs are, they're one of the easiest cars to get wrong! There's a lot going on in the lines of a Beetle.


Anonymous said...

It's surprising the problems comix artists have with machines. I think you have to be a fan of these things and really study them hard to do well. Aeroplanes are something that people fall down on, too.


Sean Bieri said...

Heh... no sooner do I mouth off about other people's car drawings than I post my own fair-to-crummy picture of a motorcycle. I know next-to-zip about motorcycles and agonized over that drawing, only to end up with... that. It served it's purpose, but... yeah, well.