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More Gocco-y goodness

Uh oh, almost ten days without a post. Not good. Let's see now...

This was my contribution to Jeremy Onsmith and Ivan Brunetti's Gocco Box Set, a collection of work by 17 artists doing prints on the Print Gocco. I wonder if they didn't just find the nifty kraft paper boxes at a store somewhere first and come up with an idea for how to use them afterwards. In any case, it's a fantastic little set of prints, with a surprising variety of approaches to using the Gocco on display. If you can get a set through Jeremy or one of the contributors at a comics show like the Small Press Expo, grab it (but don't ask me, I'm fresh out of 'em).

The disassembled airplane in the picture is part of an old A-6 Intruder Navy jet, waiting to get put back together at the Yankee Air Museum at Willow Run Airport near Ann Arbor. I drew this at an air show only a few weeks before fire destroyed the museum's main hangar. Their historic airplanes were rescued but a lot of donated aviation artifacts housed in the hangar were destroyed.


Anonymous said…
...and now it's been another 15 days or so! (May 12th) C'mon, Blogger Boy, let's some Japey Goodness! Rickster

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