Thursday, April 27, 2006

More Gocco-y goodness

Uh oh, almost ten days without a post. Not good. Let's see now...

This was my contribution to Jeremy Onsmith and Ivan Brunetti's Gocco Box Set, a collection of work by 17 artists doing prints on the Print Gocco. I wonder if they didn't just find the nifty kraft paper boxes at a store somewhere first and come up with an idea for how to use them afterwards. In any case, it's a fantastic little set of prints, with a surprising variety of approaches to using the Gocco on display. If you can get a set through Jeremy or one of the contributors at a comics show like the Small Press Expo, grab it (but don't ask me, I'm fresh out of 'em).

The disassembled airplane in the picture is part of an old A-6 Intruder Navy jet, waiting to get put back together at the Yankee Air Museum at Willow Run Airport near Ann Arbor. I drew this at an air show only a few weeks before fire destroyed the museum's main hangar. Their historic airplanes were rescued but a lot of donated aviation artifacts housed in the hangar were destroyed.

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...and now it's been another 15 days or so! (May 12th) C'mon, Blogger Boy, let's some Japey Goodness! Rickster