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The Book of Judith

I first created this mini-comic version of the story of the apocryphal/Biblical heroine Judith a few years ago using the Print Gocco screenprinter. I printed 150 copies or so and hand-stitched the binding.

Judith was a favorite subject of 17th century painter Artemisia Gentileschi, whose Judiths, unlike those of her male contemporaries, actually looked capable of and predisposed to sawing a man's head off his shoulders. One of Artemisia's masterpieces is here in the Detroit Institute of Arts, a suspensful post-beheading Judith scene.


This is, hands down, my favorite thing you've ever done. The color, layout, the terse narration... everything is just pitch-perfect.
Janer said…

You're finally amongst the land of the bloggers! GO SEAN GO!

I will probably do a driveby on MCCC this year and not have a table. See you and Soph there if not earlier!
Lea said…
I'm glad you post Judith, as I've never seen it. Awesome work!

And yay, a Sean blog!
Lea said…
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Anonymous said…
Fabbo stuff, Sean. very different from your previous attempts at Judith. Are you going to show any of the other Judith strips?

Steve Whitaker said…
truly scrumptious

As someone who has long-standing unfinished projects of my own I take great comfort from the fact that its taken you a number of years to distill your Judith project down to this wonderful piece. I know you were working on the idea when we last met in London which must be about 8 or 9 years ago now.

Sean Bieri said…
Thanks for that comment Steve - distilling is just what I was trying to do with the story and my thoughts about it. As for posting the old sketches, Lee... hm, first I'll have to dig them up, they're in a sketchbook around here somewhere.

Now if I could just finish some version of the "Lysistrata" project I've been puttering with for eons...

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